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What do I do when an association tries to terminate my lease with no just cause?

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My neighbors were playing their bass very loud where my wall would vibrate and I would be unable to concentrate on my work or have any peace. Since the association did nothing I called the police non-emergency line they came and told the tenant that there was a noise disturbance, she denied any such act and I opened a case about it. It happened again but this time the loud bass was playing when the police arrived and they knocked on her door and asked if she could turn down the bass she at first refused until the police officer mentioned she would be fined. Then my landlord says that the association is terminating my lease but how so? I did not go against any rules and it’s my right as an American citizen to involve the police if needed. The association also said “I’m only a renter"

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Based on the facts as you state them, the landlord would not be able to terminate your lease unless you were on a month-to-month lease, a lease that permits the landlord to terminate for convenience, or similar.

You are correct that a rightful call to the police is not a breach of most leases. (or any lease that I have ever seen) nor can I reasonably conceive of a rule that prohibits such a phone call..

As with most landlord/tenant issues, the terms of your lease may trump everything.

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You should review this matter with an attorney. There maybe other grounds that the association has which unrelated. Or the actions of the association is inappropriate. Many attorneys offer a free consultations, including my office, where we can fully evaluate the complaint, your situation and goals.


An association does not have authority to terminate your lease unless your landlord is past due in assessments, the association demanded you turn over the rent to pay the assessments and you refuse. Even then I argue the association cannot do this if the governing documents do not authorize it.

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