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What do I do when a collection agency comes after me for a satisfied debt?

Hicksville, NY |

About 6 years ago, I paid off a judgement against me. I have the proof that it is a satisfied judgement, and now I just received a new collection notice for the same debt from the original creditor. The statute of limitations is up, and duly noted on the paper as well. What are my options in contacting this company, without getting myself wrapped up in re-payment of a debt from a credit card from 11-2000?

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There is nothing for you to do - they know they can't sue you for the money, so don't deal with the collection agency at all. Contact all the credit reporting agencies and make sure it is either off your report entirely or being reported as paid.

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I would suggest that you respond in writing to state that the debt was paid and ask that the creditor correct their records as well as your credit report. Mistakes happen all the time & I have always found that you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

Hope this perspective helps!


Respond to the letter with a copy of the complaint (or other court document showing the case number is regarding the particular account number with that creditor). Also include a copy of the satisfaction of judgment. In your letter politely point out that a mistake has been made as you already resolved the debt.

Keep a copy of the letter. If they continue their collection efforts, contact your state's Attorney General office.


You can certainly send proof. Also keep a diary of all calls made to you. (Date, time, name of caller, and what is said.) If they persist, look for an attorney knowledgeable in fair debt matters.

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