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What do i do now for a false positive for a drug screen.

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I had been out sick the week previous this surprise , random test. Had been taking Sudafed, Nyquil, Vicks inhaler, Alka Seltzer, and a few other OTC meds. I let the MRO know about these and my other 6 regular everyday meds. Due to cardiac issues. Well i came back positive! No way! I had a heart attack 3 years ago, love my job, love life and have no intentions on dying. Not if i can help it. So now i have been suspended ,just got out of hospital for another stint placement. What do i do? I couldn't necessarily work in my condition right now but i would have sick time from work. Unemployment? I don't know but my bills are gonna start piling up, and i didn't do a damn thing wrong

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You will need your doctor's opinion that the medications you were taking at the time more likely than not caused the false positive. You will need this fast, and must immediately advise the boss/HR or whomever that this action was unfair and discriminates against you based upon your illness/disability. You must demand the right to re-test the same sample at an independent laboratory at your own expense. You will have to bear the cost for this, so be prepared to make that clear in your letter that you know this.

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To add, your doctor should be able to give you this information in a short letter, rather than you having to go in for a full appointment and incurring that additional cost.

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