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What do I do if my lawyer does not show up to court for me?

Monroe, NC |

I was given a ticket for passing a red light so I got a lawyer, I realized today when I checked my mail that they are revoking my license and I also have to pay to fine because I didn't show up. Obviously, I did not go because I expected my lawyer to. I already paid him a lot of money so what do I do now? What can I expect from my lawyer to resolve this or should I sue or what?

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Call your lawyer's office immediately and try to find out what happened. There is a chance that your lawyer did show up and the clerk's office simply made a clerical error. If your lawyer did fail to show up, find out why and proceed accordingly. Hopefully this is something that can corrected with just a quick phone call. Good luck.


Call your lawyer and find out what happened. Give him/her a chance to resolve the problem before talking about suing. Good luck.