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What do i do if my landlord won't fix a plumbing problem in my home?

Wilson, NC |

For a long while now (at least 6 months) our plumbing has been bad, drains wont drain, toilet wont flush, ect, almost once a week my landlord has to send someone out to "fix it" only to have the problem come up again a week later, and every time we call her she blames us for it, though it isnt our fault, and tells us to get out almost on a monthly basis, we have no lease, my husband and his mother were living here long before i moved in and his mother moved out, yet she isnt willing to fix it for the long term, well last night i was washing a load of clothes and all the pipes in the house backed up, toilet tub, sink, and the washer drainage itself, leaving us in an awful mess with two children, and yet again she doesn't want to send anyone out til this weekend, it's unsafe and unsanitary

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If you do not have a written lease then you will be considered a month to month tenant.
Keep a record of the problems, including photographs. If you want to leave, provide 10 days notice and do so. If you want the problems fixed, send a written request detailing the problems and requesting action. A landlord is required to maintain a dwelling in a habitable condition. If the water damages your propery than you can seek redress for that ad well I. The form of a lawsuit

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