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What do I do if my landlord is in foreclosure? Should I pay rent even if I don't have a lease ? And the building has no heat?

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We signed a 6 month lease and paid rent on time. Then out of the blue the landlord stop coming around but kept sending her brother to collect rent. When our lease expired we asked him for a new one and we said that we wanted to renegotiate the monthly rent. Due to the fact that it has no insulation and no heat. My son's room is colder then the outside itself and they have a studio downstairs that plays music all night long non stop regardless of time. He said he could not do that and he spoke to his sister and she said that she changed the date on her copy of her lease to state that we have a year lease. But we never signed a second lease or have a copy of this lease ours still says 6 months which end on September 2012. Now she is back and wants the rent for 1/2 of Dec, Jan, Feb. Options.

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File an HP action to have the city inspector come to your apartment to inspect, the city will represent you in landlord tenant court and require the landlord to come to your apartment to clear all violations including lack of heat. If the landlord fails to repair, then the landlord may aate the rent, the city can make the repairs and bill the landlord for the cost of the repairs. Consult wth an experienced tenant lawyer to assist you.

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