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What do I do if my husband won't answer the phone so I can talk yo my kids?

Overland Park, KS |

I left my husband a month ago. I moved out of state because I have wasno family in Kansas. The agreement was that he could have the boys for the rest of the summer. And then I would be back to get them. In the course of a month I was told I couldn't leave state with them. And he now won't answer my phone calls to talk to them. What do I need to do to get my kids? Plus he is straying in a 2 bedroom aprt. And my kids either share a bed or sleep on the floor. I was also physically harmed and threatened. And because I feared for my life I did not report it.

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There are a lot of issues presented here, and it is difficult to even begin to address everything in this forum. I cannot tell if either party has filed for a divorce at this point. If no one has filed you should probably meet with an attorney to review this option. In a divorce case you can ask the court for temporary orders granting you residential custody of the children, subject to parenting time with their father. The move out of state may make it more of a challenge but the ultimate test is what is best for the children.

Best of luck to you.

Ken McRae

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