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What do i do if i cant provide a juvenile probation department with information they ask for when they want me to go to court?

Rosharon, TX |

my son has to go to court and they asked for medicaid or medical insurance information but we don't have any since we live in a house, what will happen if we don't provide them with a medical insurance will i get fined? the reason he has to go to court is that he stole an Iphone and the parents of the other party pressed charges.

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Just answer any questions honestly. Many people don't have medical insurance ( although I am confused as to what living in a house has to do with that), it's possible that the probation officer can help get your son set up for Medicaid if there are medical issues that need attention.
The main thing is to be honest & not secretive in responding to the Court and its officers.
Iif the Court has appointed an attorney for our son, that attorney can answer your questions about the court in your area.

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Provide answers the best you can. Try to explain to them that you do not have the information or it is unavailable. Honesty is your best bet. They cannot hold it against you when you do not have the information in the first place.


Be as honest as possible when answering the Probation officer's questions. Honesty is the best policy.

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