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What do I do if I cant afford to pay my probation fees still after a year and a half and was ordered to do so within 18 months?

Phoenix, AZ |

I had been arrested for possession of paraphernalia and was given unsupervised probation and related fees to be paid within 18 months. Its been 18 months and I still cannot pay the fees due to being jobless and homeless. What are the possible repercussions of my inability to fulfill the terms of my sentence and what can I do, if anything, to possibly correct this issue?

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Here is what you do: GO to court and explain to the Judge that you have not fulfilled your probation fee requirement but it is due to joblessness and homelessness. These are valid excuses. But you cannot just ignore it and wait for a summons or to be arrested - this will be a new charge against you.

On Monday - just walk into court and ask for an extension or waiver of the fees due to your situation. If you ignore this, there will be new charges against you, and they will likely throw you in jail.

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