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What do i do apartment managment office claims i have alot of noise complaint and could get a 7 day notice?

Orlando, FL |

my apartment says that i have alot of noise complaints and that she can issue a 7 day notice that if i get another complaint i will be evicted but when i asked her can i see the complaints she says no she cant do that . is this legal?

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The way that you can avoid being evicted for making too much noise is by making less noise.

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Yes it is legal. A tenant can be evicted for violating the lease or reasonable rules such as noise. It sounds like she is describing the procedure accurately under Florida law. If the violation is of such a nature that it is "curable" meaning fixable, then they are required to give you a 7 day notice to cure. If a second violation occurs within one year of the first violation, the second notice will be a demand that you vacate and the landlord can sue upon that notice for eviction.

See what you can do to try to solve the noise problem.

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