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What do I do after two surgeries because of damage to spleen after colonoscopy and almost dying and more surgery to come.

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I had a routine colonsocopy in the morning and evening I was in surgery after bleeding out in my stomach all but two pints of blood I had to have my spleen removed. A year and months after I underwent surgery for two hernias due to the emergency spleen surgery. For months after hernia surgery I was retaining fluid which turned out to blood building up in my stomach than on three occasions I had to have my stomach drained now there's a return of hernia and more surgery to come because of two different doctors errors but no one wants to take responsibility, I need help.

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Contact a local medical malpractice attorney ASAP.


Unfortunately, you likely do not have an actionable medical negligence case based on the colonoscopy injury. Perforating the colon during a scope can happen even when the doctor does everything correctly. Certainly the injury can be caused by a careless or inexperienced doctor. But you have the burden of proof to distinguish your case from all the others where the physician did everything right. The medical report from the colonoscopy will likely say everything went normally. So it boils down to a "proof problem" for your attorney. Remember that just proving that a bad result happened is not sufficient to qualify for compensation. Bad outcomes routinely happen with medical procedures. Your task is to prove that this particular scope operator deviated from the minimum standard of reasonable medical care under the circumstances.


Typically, a risk incident to the procedure, but call a local malpractice lawyer in the morning nonetheless.

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