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What do I do about this child support issue?

Springfield, MO |

my ex went to child support to close our child support case 4 years ago while I was in school, I have a signed document that came from the child support office. In 2010 our son graduated from high school and did not pursue college, my ex went to child support to have him taken off and they said that they did not have an open case. My ex phoned me to inform me of this and I asked what was done and my ex said that nothing was said to child support, and my ex turned around and walked out. Now, 4 years later, my ex is claiming that I refused to pay child support and reopened the case and they back dated it. I have a lawyer and this will go to court soon, just wanting to get another opinion on the matter. Although I had not paid child support due to my Ex's agreement and he signed off on it, I have been buying my kids clothes, shoes, personal hygeine products, sports wear, offered to pay copays on Dr. bills and he won't reply on it. I have all receipts from what I have bought. Help, frustrated and going insane...!

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It sounds like you have a very complicated case right now. I am glad you have an attorney. You are going to need a lot of paperwork to prove your case. The Judge is going to have to make several determinations as it relates to child support. First, if child support really stopped four years ago. Second if your and when you child is emancipated. Either way, I would ask for attorney's fees.