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What do I do about someone slandering my namee and keeping me form getting a job

Williamston, NC |

I applied for a position at KFC and the dm seemed interested. When we meet he told me that he heard some negative feed back about the store that I ran.I ask what about , I was told that there was some money issues at the store that I ran. This is not true . i worked for this company for about 6 years and never had this problem . Every manager that i go to for a position for this company this certain person that I do not know or have worked with is slandering my name and my reputation what can I do this is really upsetting me

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I agree with both previous attorneys. The problem is that if you are using them as a reference, slander and defamation are very hard claims to prove. First, you have to prove who said it...that would require testimony from KFC managers who will run like the plague and not want to get involved. Second, once you prove who said it, you will have to prove that the statements were a lie and that the person making the statements knew they were a lie.

Finally, you have to show you had a financial lose. The DM being interested in helpful, but not enough. He would need to be able to say he would hire you "but for" the comments made by your former employer.

The best methods are to go back to them and clear up the mistaken statements with your old company and/or stop using them as a reference.


Find out who is saying this, and see if the confusing can be cleared up with that person.


Clear up the confusion or stop using them as a reference.

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