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What do i do about a officer lying on his report when i have proof he did lie bout me

Moline, KS |

i was interrogated by lfo and in interrogation 2 male cops came in and questoned me for 2 hrs the hole thing was recorded and then in the report or discovery there was only one paragraph saying i told him it was my boyfriends drugs when theay were really mine and thats what i said on tape what do i do i have allready filed a complaint but what next can i suer for defimation and slander

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No, you cannot sue for defamation or slander. Defamation and slander are for untrue statements that say bad things about you ... that you cannot do your job or you committed a crime. According to your statement .. the police officers lied and said you DIDN'T commit a crime. I know you probably want to help your boyfriend, but it is not the wisest thing to keep pushing the fact that you are guilty. Talk to his attorney and stop making admissions online.