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What do I ask the lawyer about my traffic tickets who didn't do any negotiations or fight for me?

Allendale, NJ |

My dad who is a limo driver got a speeding ticket last year and he took it to a traffic lawyer and paid him a fee. My dad got letters from the lawyer's office with court dates that kept on getting postponed. He then got a final letter stating that he needed to pay a fine of $155. He called the lawyer's office and the secretary told him that he also got the entire 6 points. So my dad got the full penalty.

However, he has 2 additional tickets which are 2 points each and the court date is the end of this month with the same lawyer. He said those 6 points will automatically get reduced from his account this November because it's been 18months since he got the ticket. Is this true??

And what happens IF the 2 additional tickets is found guilty? does he not get the 6 points reduced???

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I'm not an NJ lawyer but here in FL there are "special" driver licenses required for limo drivers (we call them "CDL's" - or commercial driver licenses), and Judges over here tend to treat CDL driver's a little more harshly than they do "average" driver licensees.

That said, if you (or your pops) are not happy with the services provided by the ticket lawyer then get another one. Again, I cannot speak to NJ per se, but here, in FL, and especially in Miami where I primarily practice, "ticket lawyers" are a dime a dozen and they all, every one of them, offer a "money back guarantee" if points are assessed. You might want to look into that.

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Your dad can take this course here: to have 4 points taken off his NY abstract and a comparable NJ course to take points off of his NJ history.


More information is needed. If he has a CDL he may be in big trouble. Even if not there will be NJ surcharges likely and insurance increases. NJ only reduces 3 popints after 12 months clear.