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What dhould I do to help get domestic violence charges dropped in florida

Winter Haven, FL |

My fiance was arrested this morning with felony demostic violence charges with injury.The only marks on me where a small scartch that could have been cause by anything during the altercation and a scatch I told the police i didnt even know had come from the alter cation. Basically I antagonized the situation to it got to that point. Anyway, I know as a victim you cant drop charges yourself, but what do I need to do that could lead them to being dropped.

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Ultimately it is up to the District Attorney's office to decide whether to pursue pressing charges. You may want to try contacting them.

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my boyfriends in jail for battery how can i drop all charges he did not him me it was all a mis understanding cuase i had a swollen eye when cops came to my home that some one had called