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What defines evictions in a term lease?

Seattle, WA |

I have a 11 1/2 month lease in Seattle Wa that has a stipulation that 30 days notice must be given by the landlord to comply with any deficiences in the lease. If I fail to comply does mean he can evict me or does he have to go through other proceedings. He is in violation of multiple items in the Seattle Housing and Building Maintanence Code.

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Your question is a bit unlear. You should provide more detail. I will make some assumptions. I am assuming that your landlord alleges that your landlord has alleged that you are failing to comply with a term of the lease other than failure to pay rent. I assume your landlord has given you a written demand to comply. I assume you have not. If you don't comply, your Landlord, if he has not already, will give you a Notice To Cure Or Vacate The Premises. If you fail to cure, your landlord will sue to evict you. Like any lawsuit, you have the opportunity to dispute the allegations of the landlord and to present defenses. Possibly the landlord's code violations may work to defeat the landlord's action. However, if the court does not accept your defenses, the landlord might succeed and obtain a writ directing the sheriff to evict you and obtain a monetary judgment against you. Moreover, all of this is a huge black mark against your credit. Before things get too ugly, you should probably consult with an attorney.