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What date and manner of last entry should I put in my immigration papers?

Stuart, FL |

I came to USA on J-1 visa in 2009 but then changed visa type to B-2 and extended it twice. Now when I'm filing forms I-485 and I-765 what should I put as date and manner of my last entry (student visa in 2009 or B-2 visa in 2010)?

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Entry - J1 and current status - B2.

You may want to talk to an attorney to look into the J1 visa change over to B2


You should state that your current status is B-2 and mark the expiration date on the I-485 as the last day that your B-2 is current. Please note that when you enter the U.S. on a J-1, there are some restrictions that may apply, such as whether you are subject to the 2-year requirement. If you changed your status, you possibly are not subject to the requirement of returning home for 2 years before re-entering the U.S. However, you will want to check your visa page in your passport to see whether the 2 year restriction applies to you or not, before you file your green card. You also should check the DS-2019 and the I-94 you used when you entered the U.S. on your J-1 visa. All these documents should state that you are not subject to the 2 year rule. If this is not clearly stated on your documents, then consult with an immigration attorney before filing your green card.

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Did you change visa type or just change status? In other words did you go home before entering on a B-2 or did you do a change of status to B-2 while still in the U.S. and not go home thereafter? Your last entry is the last date you entered the U.S. (regardless of how many statuses you have had thereafter)..

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