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What crim poss prop in 4th class e mean

New York, NY |

what brother just went to jail and is not tell me or my family why I went to look up inmate and it said crim poss prop 4th what is that mean plez tell me

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Criminal Possession of Property in 4th Degree is a Class E Felony which can be committed in different ways - the most common of which is possessing stolen property with a value of more than $1,000. A Class E Felony conviction can result in a state prison sentence but it is also possible he got a deal involving city time. If you google "webcrims" you can find out public information on your brother's case.

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Its a Class E felony. It does not carry mandatory jail time unless your brother has a prior felony conviction within 10 years (not including time spent in jail). This charge can sometimes be hard to plea bargain because the DA doesn't always offer a misdemeanor and these cases get used to give young DAs trial experience. I suggest your brother retain counsel.

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