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What court do I file in? Are there attorneys that take these cases pro bono or on a contingency basis?

Fort Pierce, FL |

I have an approved case backed by HUD, and the ACLU, for a case of Violation of Civil Rights, the Fair Housing Act, and ADA violations, as well as violations of 720.3085, among others.
I am a disabled man who has rented a home for the past year, upon renewal, the landlord and I signed a new lease, and I also requested and disability accommodation for a care taker due to my disability. I receive SSDI, and have been adjudicated disabled by both the VA and SSA. All letters were forwarded the HOA. They declined my accommodation request, and then sent me letter to vacate the premises, as they did not wish to approve my lease due to my disability. I need to know what court to file in, and if there are any attorneys that would look at this case. I am in Fort Pierce, St Lucie County, FL

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Call your state bar association and request a referral to a landlord tenant attorney in your area. Best of luck to you. (you can also use the Avvo 'find a lawyer' tab.

You will find that most attorneys do pro bono trials through state legal aid organzations. You might contact legal aid in your area and see if you are qualified for assistance.

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If your case is viable, you should not have any difficulty finding a lawyer to represent you on a contingency basis (No Fee/No Costs).

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