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What could my consequences be? Probation Violation.

Kansas City, MO |

I have two dwi's on my record. One has been done and probation is gone. The second one I have 6mo left of my supervised probation. I was recently completing my SATOP class and I went to my final counseling after going out the night before and she gave me a breathalyzer and I blew a .05. I am not supposed to drink at all during probation and the court sent a warrant out for me. I am going to post the bond and get an atty. I am looking into the military as an alternative to jail, will this have any pull or should I bring my atty and the recruiter? I really am trying to avoid jail here. I did 10 days in jail as part of my original sentence before this violation.

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I see many questions on avvo in which people want to do what is going to happen to them because of such and such an offense or parole violation. In truth no one except your lawyer can even give you an approximate answer to that question because it depends on so many variables: your state’s laws and procedures, your criminal history if any, whether there are any sentencing enhancements, whether your state has diversion programs for your offense. These kinds of questions really require that you contact a local lawyer and even then they can only give you a range.