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What could happen? is this consider raping?

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a friend of mine used to have a girl to flirt with back when he was 10th grade in high school and a girl was a freshman, he used to couch and hug and kiss her (with clothes on) and after a while she doesnt like it anymore and he keep doing it and one day she yelled at him to stop and after that he stop and never do it again, and its been like 4 years ago, can anything happen? the girl doesnt suffer from anything and she was happy now and they havent talk for like 4 years but he recently saw some teen got arrested because they rape some girl and she suicide on the news so he got paranoid. can anything happen at this point, can his past get him? what if someone bring up the old story to her again and she suffer?

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Rape typically refers to penile penetration. If he continued to fondle her after she said no, then there could be other offenses that were committed-but not rape. However, if the facts are exactly how you described them, I see no crime committed.

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This not likely to turn into a criminal case.


Based on what you've described your "friend" should be in the clear. If there was more than you've described, your "friend" should consult with an attorney.

Jasen Nielsen


You posted this same fact query multiple times about a year ago and received multiple responses from participating criminal defense attorneys then that these facts do not present current legal issues that should concern you. At that time, it was suggested by a number of the responding attorneys that you seem pre-occupied and unable to let go of these old events and are continuing to churn and speculate about them to no benefit or productive purpose for you. This is something for which you can receive suitable assistance -- not from an attorney but from skilled and experienced mental health practitioners. This endless contemplation of this old matter is not the best way for you to be engaging your mind, and you need to follow the advice that was provided to you last year. Get some skilled counseling so that you can live your present and future life productively, unfettered by endlessly replaying loops of this old matter, to whatever extent it existed in reality.

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This likely will not be enough for a prosecutor to formally charge someone with a crime. But a little background on the criminal process:

The criminal process begins when someone is accused of committing a crime. Unless a police officer personally witnesses the crime, an investigation must take place in most instances before law enforcement may place an arrest and take someone into custody. In your instance, if law enforcement were to get involved, the investigation would likely result in very little evidence of a crime (based on the above facts).


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