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What constitutes a bench warrant for traffic violations in New Jersey?

New Brunswick, NJ |

If i have multiple tickets for leaving the scene of an accident, uninsured and expired registration and failed to show up at a court date which results in a bench warrant what is going to happen to me? I no longer live at my address on my license and was unaware of the court dates because of it. Also, I've been out of the country and will be flying back in soon. Does this mean immigration is going to extradite me from wherever I fly into? Can any of these be amended to felony warrants?
Is there a way to look up my charges without calling the police department?

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I can refer you an attorney that can go to court for you and get any warrants recalled. Contact us if interested. 1-877-996-6849.


I do not think you have a problem going into other countries. But speak to an immigration attorney on that. You can call the court and find out the bail, post it and get the warrant off. Retain an attorney and deal with the case where ever you are. It is not a felony warrant.


The failure to show up in court is probably the least of your problems; as a colleague noted, you can contact the court, find out your bail, and post it (or have a bail bondsman post if if you can't afford the full bail. (I'd be happy to recommend a very reputable bond company if you're interested.)

As far as the leaving the scene, uninsured motorist, and expired registration tickets go, that's a whole other story. You are looking at some very serious penalties in the form of fines and court fees, as well as a potential/probably license suspension.

The Simon Law Group can help you; our attorneys have years of experience assisting NJ residents with motor vehicle violations across Central and Northern NJ. Call the office to set up an appointment at 800 - 709-1131.

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