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What companies hire people with criminal records (minor misdemeanors involving non-retail theft) in Pennsylvania?

Pittsburgh, PA |

Hoping to hear from the board of pardons but in the meantime I need a job. Nobody wants to hire me although my minor offenses are 20 years old! Any advise?

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This is not really a criminal law question, but why not speak with an employment counselor be open and honest with them and they can probably tell you what organizations will look at you even with the record. There are often free or low cost or sliding scale services available from groups like Jewish Family Services or Catholic Family services. These groups don't discriminate and you don't have to be Catholic or Jewish or such to use them. You may also want to check with the PA Dept of Labor. Best of Luck.


I know a person who was just released from prison and advertised his services on Craig's List. He received several responses and was hired. Obviously, companies with personnel departments are not going to hire you. Look for work with small (very small) businesses who need someone with your skills. Go to the interview well-dressed and be positive -- let the prospective employer know what you can do for him. If you get the job, hold on to it like gold. Be the best employee anyone could ever want. Then, hopefully, the Board of Pardons will take care of the rest.

Clifford L Tuttle, Jr
Attorney at Law
Pittsburgh, PA