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What companies are except from federal and Maryland minimum wage and overtime laws?

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There seems to be a provision that companies doing less than $500,000 worth of annual business do not have to comply with minimum wage and overtime laws (though those engaged in certain activities are covered no matter what).

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That may be partly true under Federal law if your job does not have you working within "interstate commerce." However, Maryland overtime laws do not require $500k in coverage.

The list of companies that have "industry exemptions" are too long to list.

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This may be true. In certain circumstances, however, Federal Minimum Wage and Overtime laws may apply even where the $500,000.00 gross revenue threshold is not met. Further, Maryland Overtime and Minimum Wage laws may apply without the necessity of a gross revenue analysis. If you think you have a claim for unpaid Overtime or Minimum Wage compensation, I highly recommend that you contact an attorney for a more detailed analysis of your Federal and State rights.