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What comes after wage garnishment

Nicholasville, KY |

A debt collector was awarded wage garnishment against me about a year ago. In the last year they have not received any payment because I work part time and do not make enough money. What will likely be their next step? Will they come after my property or my spouses income?

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Unless it's a joint debt, they can't go after your spouse's income. They can attach bank accounts, may be able to place liens on your home and cars, etc. Speak with a local bankruptcy attorney for more information. You can find one at

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They can levy your bank accounts and other assets. If you have more than a just a little debt you should consider bankruptcy as a solution. You can find a great attorney here on this website by clicking on the Find A Lawyer tab.

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If you have property for the creditor to put a lien on they might, usually they will look to levy your bank account. You do not live in a community property state, so they cannot come after your spouses' income.

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