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What charges does an EWI have if they worked illegally without authorization?

Roseville, MI |

I friend of mines wife was deported back to her home country a couple of years ago. She was an EWI and admitted into the U.S. with parole. Which I know parole is only for one year. She worked without authorization for 10 years. I did not know any of this information until after she was deported. Am I right in understanding that this would be considered committing False Claim United States Citizenship and be a forever bar to return to the United Statees after being deported.

If she entered with parole. I know that she would have to have false documents to get a social security number. EWI's in the United States would have to falsify documents to be here.

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I do not see a false claim to citizenship though there is certainly an issue that she worked illegaly was she criminally charged with it? She certainly would need a waiver to adjust, why did the husband not petition for her when she was parolled in?



When she initially entered the United States back 2001 she was detained becasue of her EWI. She was detained at the mexican detention center for 6 months. She claimed she came here to find her husband. Then she was paroled into the U.S in 2002. She missed a deportation hearing in 2002 and then went into absentia. She then absconded for 10 years. In 2003 she married a U.S. Citizen, who is a friend of mine. Ice found her at her home with her U.S. States husband in 2010. She was put into shackes and detained for 3 months and deported back to her home country. In 2011 immigration questioned her legal marriage in Russia. This marriage was also questioned because of common law. She and her U.S. husband had to prove that the marriage was not legal. I would think she lied to get paroled into the U.S. He says he is filing a 212 I and 601. She was deported 2 1/2 years ago. He has not proven extreme hardship .His only avenue is because of financial and missing her. They are now questioning his marriage to her.


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