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What charges can be filed on a minor in the state of Maryland for assaulting a pregnant woman?

Baltimore, MD |

I was recently assaulted by a minor in the state of Maryland and need to know what charges I can file. My unborn son is still alive and undamaged, but I would still like to file charges.

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You do not file any charges. The police take the report, make an arrest if they have probable cause, then forward the matter on to the prosecutor's office.

IMPORTANT: In case of emergency, call 911 to report crime. By reporting crimes that occur in your community you can help the police and the judicial system combat crime. It is critical that the police have as much information as possible about the crimes that are committed in our city – by reporting the details of crimes that you witness to 911 (crimes in progress) or 311, you help generate vital information that can be utilized to solve the crime you reported, solve crimes that may be related, conduct investigations, and build cases against criminals.

Metro Crime Stoppers (MCS) gives Baltimore residents the ability to anonymously report crime tips to the Police. Knowing that anonymity eliminates intimidation, citizens can call 410-276-8888 to report crime and potentially earn a monetary reward. MCS is a volunteer organization actively supporting law enforcement agencies in solving crime in our community. If you wish to anonymously report a crime tip, call Metro Crime Stoppers at 410-276-8888.

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