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What can you do when a judge lies to you in court? Changes his mind for no good legal reason but to stand alongside an attny.

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Divorce for over 3 years with 22 Volumes of paperwork at the court house. Wife is scorned and vindictive and refuses to move on in life. Husband finally got up the nerve to leave after years of alcohol abuse and abuse of 3 children and himself. Wife plays the court system and gets away with it. Where can we turn as citizens and get our due process? Where are our rights to live free and move on against a spouse who is so vindictive and has done some horrible things in the last 3 years. How about an Electric bill charge of $1800 because spouse had to pay for it? How about poisioning her dog so she could accuse her husband of his death when he died? The list goes on. We just want justice, look at the black and white and get this divorce over. This is HORRIBLE.

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If a judge issues a ruling in a case without legal or factual basis, your remedy is to request a rehearing, you may appeal to a higher court, or depending upon the circumstances, you may be able to seek relief from the judgment (although this is usually based on new information).
However, if you feel that your judge has crossed an ethical line in rendering a decision, you are entitled to lodge a complaint with the Judicial Qualifications Commission
However, I would suggest that you seek legal advice prior to filing such a complaint, since you must be able to demonstrate that a judge has violated rules of judicial conduct, or violated florida law. Complaints are not the proper means to address rulings adverse to you or to which you do not agree.


I thought your question was about a judge. If you have a problem with the judge file a motion to recuse the judge.

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