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What can you do if your attorney for an L&I case doesn't fight for you and you've already signed a contract?

Sumner, WA |

My daughter-in-law was hurt in a warehouse job with a double herniated disc. Surgery was performed(she's 22)and doctor signed off on it.She still hasn't worked yet. But she herniated the same disc(different place) and after another doctors review, should have her back fused to take care of the pain and numbness in her back/legs. She's been given time loss off and on. Her case hasn't been closed at all. Her attorney has been taking out money from her time loss.But now two L&I doctors assessed her and sent the documents back to the orginal doctor who botched up her back.Which they say it's all in her head. Now she's been denied anything, even the back fusion, and L&I wants to close the case with a rating of a 2-3. She's now over compensated her spine/walk. What can we do?

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You can always fire your lawyer.

Good Luck