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What can you do if you are arrested for suspicion of DUI, car towed and later it's determined that you weren’t impaired?

Sierra Vista, AZ |

I was pulled over about 2 months and the office asked why I was being stopped. I replied no, but I couldn't have been speeding, because I wasn’t on the road long enough to get at the max speed limit. He then told me that I swerved a little bit; I replied really, did I leave my lane, he replied, “no” but just so slightly. He then asked me to take a FST I did, and then asked me to take the breathalyzer I said no. He proceeded to arrest me and towed my car. While at the station he read my right and again asked to take the breathalyzer at the station and told me if I refused I could still be charged for DUI. At that point I felt I had no choice blew once he taped the machine like it wasn't working properly and blew again and both times it showed .01. What can I do?

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This case demands the attention of a skilled DUI lawyer. You may still be charged with a type of DUI, the name of which varies from state to state, but usually is a varient form of the "opinion of the officer" drunk driving count of years past. While there are not enough facts presented to be absolutely clear on the defendability of your case, it seems as though there are a lot of opportunities available to you given the right attorney. You should be able to search this site for those rated "superb" and get with one quickly.