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What can we charge for an entry door that was destroyed by our tenants pit-bull?

Long Beach, CA |

The door was in good condition prior to the dog issue. Roughly 2-3 years old at most. the inside of the door is the original wood, the outside had been painted and was somewhat weathered as it faces East and gets a fair amount of sunlight.

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You would charge the costs of repairing the damage or replacing the door. Generally, you would deduct from that charge the amount by which the door had depreciated. But the expense of the paint job is, I assume, minimal, and otherwise doors do not really depreciate.


Yes, you can.

Has the tenant already vacated or is the tenant still there? If you wish to deduct from the tenant's security deposit, you need to do so and provide the tenant with an itemized deduction within 21 days after the tenant moves out. (See CA Civil Code section 1950.5).

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