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What can the Heirs do to get the succession done? Do the Heirs have rights?

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My sister is the Executor and it has been over 2 years and $18,000 dollars later and we are no closer then we were 6 months into it. Is it okay to just take your time in these matters, or is it my right to have it done faster. She keeps looking for assets and even when told by one lawyer that it would be useless to go after it she still has. And 2 years later we still have not gotten any thing more then the first 3 months, and 3 lawyers later. Do I not have any rights in this matter, if so how do I have a voice? My sister does not listen to me and says she will but does what she wants. I believe she has procrastinated and now she says she has other obligations. I live in Florida so I can not go to Louisiana to take over.

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Your best bet is to retain an experienced Louisiana lawyer in the parish where this matter is being probated. He or she will bring this matter to the court's attention and, hopefully, the judge will push your sister to complete the estate administration. Good luck to you.

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Try calling the lawyer who is handling the succession. He may be able to explain why it is taking so long. Also, the call may prompt the lawyer to move it faster.

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