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What can someone expect for a first time offense of cocaine possession equalling less than 1 gram?

Saint Petersburg, FL |

What can someone expect for a first time offense of cocaine possession equalling less than 1 gram?

Also, I am unemployed in FL right now but have employment options in
other states. The paperwork says to not relocate, but it may be my only option.

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If you relocate without taking care of this charge you will be classified a fugitive from justice and an arrest warrant will be issued. You will then be subject to arrest wherever you may be and subject to extradition back to Florida to face the charge.

Ok, hope you're convinced to not just blow this off. First time offenders usually get the least harsh sanction available. However, a lot can depend on whether the cocaine was powder or crack form and whether you have any prior criminal history, meaning other than cocaine.

Contact a local attorney. It may be possible to get some form of disposition that you can then consider leaving the state legally. If you have to leave it may even be possible for an attorney to settle the case without your being there, but that might be a stretch. If you cannot afford an attorney, the public defender will be assigned. If you truly have no priors, you may be offered time served, if you did at least several days before bonding out, and maybe a term of probation, which can likely be transferred out of state. Wouldn't hurt to ask for a withhold of adjudication as well.

Of course, you may have a valid case to defend - the stop, search, and other circumstances may yield some issues to litigate and you'll need an attorney to help with that. Either way, don't leave without getting a lawyer to represent you first. Good luck.


Mr. Mosca has properly advised you that leaving the jurisdiction could make you a fugitive from justice and create more problems for you. You should consult with a lawyer in your area as soon as possible. Leaving before you deal with the charges won't help you at all.

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