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What can my son do to change the length of time he is supposed to be on the sex offender registry?

Brookfield, WI |

My son was convicted of 2nd degree sex assault to a minor in 1998 when he was 19 (the girl was 15). At sentencing, he was only supose to be on teh sex offender registry for 12 years. Now he is in the records as a lifer. What can he do to fix this?

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The best thing to do is consult with an experienced criminal lawyer. It would appear he'll have to get a copy of the transcript of the minutes of his sentencing where it says he has to be on the sex registry for 12 years. If that is in the sentencing, then, unless the state legislature has changed the law to extend sex registering from 12 yeas to life, he should make a motion to the sentencing court to end his registration requirements after he does it for 12 years.

Speak to the lawyer to check on the nuances of the situation.

Good luck.



From my experience with the illinois registration husband has to register. His conviction so to say was in 1996 but he went to jail for a completly unrelated crime for 6 years so his 10 yr registration had to start over. The system saw it as 2 offenses even though it was only one. That made him a predator......which he is not and his "Crime" was done prior to the law changes which exempts him from having to register for life, He discussed it with the ISP hotline which did nothing....then with the officer in charge in town of sex offenders. He was able to do a search and get it cleared up. Now he no longer shows as a predator but the damage around town is already done because they don't know what they are doing!! It took is a few years to get it fixed! We have 3 kids so that makes it extremly hard now for him to participate in their activities.....Good luck.


the only way this can be changed is to reopen the case to determine if he meets the exception for him not to register. He would need to contact an experience criminal defense attorney.

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