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What Can my friend be facing for a 1990 Violation of Probation as a Juvenile?

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My Friend is facing a Violation of Probation in New York, he was 17 and in the care of his parents at the time. He was just extradited (from FL) to face this charge and looking to see what he may be facing . He is 40 years old now and again this happened in 1990 his Probation was 5 years which he completed only 2 months I believe. Any information will be truly appreciated thanks

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It depends on what he was convicted of and whether he received Youthful Offender treatment.

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sorry... it was a second degree burglary


He is facing whatever he could have been sentenced to back in 1990. The fact that he did not come back voluntarily does not bode well for him. He should retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

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Must be a relatively serious charge if NY elected to extradite him 14 years later. Not sure what your stake in this matter is, but your friend will need the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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There are still consequences for the offender even though he is now an adult. The State can move forward with a motion to terminate probation. If jail time is ordered, he goes to adult jail.

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