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What can my daughter do if the parents of her ex harass her while exchanging the children in a public place?

Humble, TX |

They follow her in their vehicle after shepicks up the kids , blocks her car in and grabs the children out of hers. Call her names in a public place. Spy on her and take pictures without her knowledge, the mother has gone to her job while she was working to verbally abuse her.

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There are are a variety of remedies since several things are involved.

(1) Talk to her employer. The employer should deal with the woman & ask her to leave the place of employment. If she won't then the police should be called & she could potentially be arrested. If people are witnesses this behavior, she has witnesses for her family law case and/or restraining order case

(2) Talk to a family law attorney about modifying her family law case. Perhaps he needs supervised visits through the SAFE program. You daughter needs an attorney. You need to raise the funds to keep an attorney on retainer. Yes, it's expensive but it sounds like this is the reality of your life for the time being.

(3) If the harassment is severe enough and she can prove it, perhaps the DA will file criminal charges against him and/or his family (or perhaps terrorist threats). This is rare but I have seen it done before.

Taking photos is no big deal. Your family needs to get a "tougher" skin & just learn to live with these people recording all her conversations & taking her photos. In our society, we are all being videotaped & photographed without our knowledge if we are on the city streets -- you are naive if you think that you are not being potentially recorded or videotaped by cameras in stores everywhere. Technology is small & very sensitive today. Cameras & recording devices are cheap & readily available to anyone.


Take photos and call the police. Blocking her car in may be false imprisonment. Going to her workplace and harrassing her is a civil case of interference in the work place. Depending on what is being said, there may be terroristic threats. Get a recording device to either sound record or video it. Smartphones are equipped with these apps. I would also file a motion to modify changing the exchange location to a police substation. That should solve 75% of these issues. She can also seek a restraining order restraining family members from talking badly about her. If they do, then the ex is in contempt. Get an attorney or the police involved immediately. Good luck!

Fran Brochstein

Fran Brochstein


Great advice!