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What can make the QDRO draft be redone and to be sent to the company again ?

Kilgore, TX |

My stupid ex husband asked his lawyer to redo the QDRO again because they charged the 300 $ fee all from his account ,Is that real that they can redo it for such silly reason !!!!!

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There's a few reasons why the DRO could be redrafted and resubmitted. For example, if the plan requires the processing fee to be split between the assets of the participant and the alternate payee but the DRO says to take it all out of his account then the plan could reject it. It sounds like what you are saying is that the plan qualified the DRO but he didn't like that the previous DRO left the fee assessed only against his account.

If you want to control the language of the DRO you/your attorney should have drafted the DRO. Normally the participant's attorney will not draft the DRO because the participant has nothing to gain by helping you receive your share of the account.


You really have not provided enough facts for a lawyer to answer your question properly. A QDRO must meet the Plan's requirements perfectly, or the Plan Administrators will require the QDRO be modified. This is hardly unusual.



The QDRO has been approved by the company of investments and get back to my lawyer and i signed it my lawyer said it will be signed by the judge to be sent back to the company while they make u an account in your name has your money but my ex husband texted me saying i am redoing the QDRO draft again as they charged all the fees which is 300 $ all from my account ........ can he really undo all those steps just for that reason ?