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What can I write in response to an eviction notice, for my defense in court?

Streator, IL |

I am writing for a girlfriend. On Dec 5 the landlord sent her a text stating "pack your stuff". She and her children received a 5-day eviction notice on December 7, in addition to a text message on the 10th from the landlord stating that he "is" evicting her. She could have paid the rent during this 5-day notice but didn't because the text message said she was being evicted. Her court hearing is Tuesday next week. In addition, landlord and tenant have an agreement that the landlord pays the sewer/water bill and the property is also section 8. In the past the landlord tried putting her out by not paying the sewer bill, therefore having it disconnected. So since then tenant has paid the sewer bill. Landlord never reimbursed her for this and tenant is told she is in violation of section 8.

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I never encourage a letter to the judge. The judge won't read it.

Have your friend retain counsel.

BTW, the text message did not say she was evicted, it said "pack your stuff"

The text message said she is being evicted, not that she was evicted.


The judge will most likely not read a letter. Your friend should have paid the rent. If there is no Summons and Complaint for eviction filed and served, then the process has not yet been started. Texts don't count. Have her pay the rent if possible and stop doing what she should be doing for herself.