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What can I supplement in a wisconsin parenting plan?

Ellsworth, WI |

Is it just ideas and orders from the writer such as, child safety restraints have to be used in transporting, noncustodial parent can't drink or use drugs while child is in his care no evidence of such can be veiwed by child... what are some other common items I could discuss with a lawyer? What are some other orders you'd recommend I discuss think about, what can I include?

My first child, not a very pleasant end to the relationship. I need help before I look into/ interviewing lawyers. What should I think about in regards stipulations? I'm looking into co-parenting resources, and want this as smooth as possible but I want to protect my child from some of his "lifestyle" and some of his personal choices, etc. I've been told I can have it written he not drink during placement, but can I have it "Ordered not to drink alcoholic beverages or partake in non-prescriptive drug use 12 hours prior to and during physical placement"?? "Ordered to be maintain BAL of 0.00 and the use of proper safety restraints/devices while transporting child in/on any motorized vehicle." "Telephone communications will follow strict non-harrassment forms and must be completed between 8 am and 9.30pm unless there is an emergency" (he was calling me up at midnight nightly during first trimester to chat...)"Non-Custodial parent subject to random drug testing"? Any other thoughts welcomed AND THANK YOU!

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In almost every custody dispute (absent a domestic abuse situation), the court will refer you to mediation. At mediation you can literally come to an agreement with anything the parties will stipulate to as included in the agreement. While it is hard to have every situation addressed in a stipulation (that you both will advance be incorporated into a court order), you can place telephonic visitation terms in such, use of child restraints during transit and exchanges, as well as no usage of any chemicals during periods of placement. Good luck and know I am happy to meet with you for a free consultation if you desire.

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