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What can I expect in court for my Underage Consumption citation?

Chattanooga, TN |

I am 18 years old and recently recieved a citation for Underage Consumption. It is my first offense, besides this I have a clean record--never been in any kind of trouble. How much should I expect for court costs, is it likely I will receive an additional fine, and I've been told I'll be on probation, but is it likely that I'll also get community service?

Also-- Do my parents have to find out about this? I realize I should tell them, but if I can pay it on my own I'd rather not...

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Depending on what court you are in, you should expect court costs to be over $100. Also you may be asked to do public work days or some type of drug and alcohol educational class. If you are convicted of this offense, you would lose your driver's license. However, after 6 months, regardless of disposition, you are eligible to have your record for underage consumption expunged.