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What can I expect from "Contempt Motion" hearing....after we've already had motion to compel hearing?

Birmingham, AL |

We filed our first round of interrogatories/discovery about 5 months ago, with a 30 day window to respond. My husband did not respond and we sent a good faith letter (received no response) and then filed "motion to compel". At the hearing, he gave no valid reason and the judge gave him an extra 30 days to respond. He failed to respond to that as well and it is now 1 month past headline. A "contempt motion" was filed and there is a court date scheduled. I was also given temporary physical custody of our children and he was ordered to vacate the marital residence. A couple weeks later, he broke into the house (locks were changed) and the police were called (no arrest made, only warning). He has since hired an attorney. My question is, what are the likely outcomes from the contempt hearing?

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The lawyer who knows your case and your judge best is very likely to be the lawyer you retained to represent you. There is a bit of wiggle room (from doing nothing to putting him in jail and multiple points in between) with regard to what a judge can do in a family law contempt matter. Your attorney should be able to tell you your particular judge's possible rulings based on his or her past experience.