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What can i expect for a charge of grand theft larceny ($300 or more but less then $5000)?

West Palm Beach, FL |

I have no prior record, the amount taken was $5000 and I have paid the money back. What would my worst case scenerio be?

Can I be charged by the state with corruption if I have no record and have since paid the money back?

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The maximum penalty for a third degree theft is 5 years prison. However, it is unlikely, as a first time offender that you will do any prison. Of course, it all depends on the facts of your case, your judge, the prosecutor, and the quality of your attorney. You are probably eligible for a diversion program, whereby once you complete a probationary period and do what is required for your case, then the charge is ultimately dismissed by the prosecutor. You should contact an attorney in your area so that they can assist you in minimizing what happens to you. Good luck.


If you are a first-time offender and you have already made the victim whole; I would bet a good attorney could negotiate your admission into a Pretrial Diversion program.

Please call me at (407) 540-1551 if you would like to discuss your case or would like a referral.


I think that the worst case scenario would be that you are convicted as a felon and that you serve time in Prison. Both are unlikely for a first offese, especially if you have already paid restitution. Plese let me know if my firm can help you.


Douglas I. Leifert, Esq.

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