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What can I expect at my pre-indictment hearing and options that I have?

Paterson, NJ |

I am being accused of threatening to beat someone up and that he believe's I will carry on my threat, which did not happen and he is the one that on a couple of occasions called the cops on me for simply being in front of the house with my girlfriend which is his tenant. What can I do?

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You need an attorney ASAP. If you cannot afford private counsel get a PD assigned. You can defend the case or work a deal and PTI is also available if you have no priors. The PIC is to try negotiate an early end to the case. You can plead to a deal, try to get a downgrade to municipal court or apply to PTI. All these options need to be explained to you. Call for a free consultation if you like.


Mr. Cheser is correct. You need a lawyer. A pre-indictment conference means your charges are indictable (felony) and carry serious consequences. The sooner you get an attorney who can get statements from witnesses, document prior instances, investigate the "victim" and communicate on your behalf, the better chances you have of avoiding serious consequences and criminal convictions.


You need to hire an attorney ASAP. At the PIC conference it is likely that the Prosecutor will offer a pleae deal. Feel free to contact my office for a consultation.


I assume you are being charged with terrositic threats from what you say. At the preindictment conference you will be given a plea offer which will be the lowest offer you will get. If youwant to plead this out you should accept that plea. If you want to fight this then you should reject that offer and ask that your case be sent to the grand jury. They may or may not indict you. If you are not indicted then your case is over. If you are indicted then expect a worse plea offer. Please contact my office for a free consultation. Thank you.
Sincerely yours, -Ronald Aronds, Esq.-

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