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What can I do with a roommate's belongings if he doesn't pay rent for the month?

Davis, CA |

I will be paying rent for my apartment (due 7/05/13), but one of my roommates (on the lease and currently absent) has not paid his portion yet. I will still try to contact him and hopefully have him pay his share, but if he doesn't respond within at least a week, can I remove his belongings from our apartment? Or rather, how long do I have to give my roommate to pick up his belongings before I can throw them away? We have one more month remaining on our lease (August) which we were required to pay for when we moved in. This isn't something I really want to do but I don't think it's fair that me and my other roommate have to cover for said roommate. He also did not give us a notice that he may not pay the rent.

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Give him 30 days minimum.

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Additionally, I always send the notice by both certified and regular mail.


A 30-day notice is required before you can do anything from your roommate's stuff. Good luck

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