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What can I do when an employer I lease through doesn't pay my full wages over a year 1/2 time period and I want to quit?

Vernal, UT |

I get paid every two weeks, i turn in my water tickets and they pick and choose which ones they pay, for example they took 5 months to pay one months worth of tickets. I drive water truck and lease to this company and now over time they owe me a substantial amount of money. The main company pays the subcontractor every 30 days but they dont pay the leased drivers what they have already been paid for, they pool the money and distribute (to leased drivers only) what they see fit, and I think they are using our finances to fund their businesss expenses. I am quitting and want to know if I have the right to ask for everything they owe me or do i have to let them continue to send me checks every 2 weeks? Is there a law that allows them to use our money and not pay within at least 30 days.

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Basically this is a wage and hour issue that you should discuss with your local State agency and most probably seek representation from a lawyer in the state where you reside without further delay.