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What can I do to stop the bills and the calls?

Clarksville, TN |

15 months ago I had an accident. The local hospital kept me there for 2 weeks. Every few days they would send me home and I would be back within 12 hours because of the serious infections. Finally I went to Vanderbilt in Nashville and they were shocked by my condition. I spent 3 weeks there trying to recover from what the local hospital did. Last month I had another surgery because I have still not recovered. A debt collector is now calling me and treating me bad and trying to get me to pay more money to the hospital that made me worse. I do not want to pay them another penny for that horrible care. I have problems that will be life long now because of them. What can I do to stop the bills and the calls?

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If it is a collection service agency as defined under the Tennessee Collection Services Act or a debt collector as defined by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you can write to them and tell them to "cease and desist" from calling you. Demand that all communication is put into writing.

With that said, it is probably a debt collector and said debt collector is probably Affiliated Creditors or Fox Collection. They do most of the collection work for medical providers in the mid-state. Be advised that medical providers in the mid-state sue for very paltry amounts.

My advice is to look at your credit reports now and let an attorney view them as well. They're are certain federal laws that apply to credit reporting which may offer you a way out of getting sued. Moreover, an attorney may be able to settle these debts for less than what is being asked.

I am not your attorney nor is any answer I may provide legal advice. You may contact me directly for legal advice only if you are a resident of Tennessee insofar as I only practice in Tennessee.