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What can i do to report negligence to my apartment?

Houston, TX |

In my air filter there has been cats giving birth, using the restroom, crawling from room to room in my house, spreading fleas and now theres more than one cat/kitten. the sheetrock in the ceiling is broken and molded and the aparment complex knows this and they have yet to do anything. i just found out im pregnant about a week ago and i dont own a cat and dont like living with cats, i have a 3 yr old nephew im raising and he has scars all over his legs and arms from the fleas and the aparment complex has done nothing to compensate or assure us something will get done. The first time there was a cat giving birth we had to wait a week before they came and when they did they just looked and left. the next day i got sick so my husband took the kittens out himself.

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If you are in the city limits of Houston, you should call the Health Department, as well as the Code Enforcement Department. Houston has a pretty active enforcement force once they learn of a problem like this. Good luck.

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