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What can i do to make my workers comp attorney return my calls?

Lancaster, CA |

my workers comp attorney is ignoring my phone calls. i have two casses open and he won't return any calls. i am now a pns cliant, and is asking for future medical because i'm permantly dissabled. how can i make him reply? my case is 7 years old.

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You may want to try to schedule a time for a conference call or even a meeting with your attorney at his office. Client contact is very important.

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Like most workers' comp attorneys, I'm sure yours is busy. Fees in workers' comp cases are limited by law (usually 12 to 15 percent of the benefits recovered), so most workers' comp attorneys need to carry a significant amount of cases in order to remain in business. It's not uncommon for one attorney to have several hundred active cases at one time.

My recommendation would be to put your concerns in writing (either by email, fax or letter), and to be precise with your questions and concerns. If you are still having trouble communicating with your attorney, you may want to consider switching to another lawyer, which you are always entitled to do.

Good luck.


You can make an appointment to see the lawyer. You can call the lawyer's office and leave a message that if a return call is not made within a day, you will get another lawyer to represent you.

You can terminate the lawyer's services and retain a new lawyer.

Good luck.

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