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What can i do to keep my child father girlfriend out of my buisiness. regarding my child, me, & child Father?

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My Child Father Is Locked Up His Girlfriend Calls Me Randomly & Reads My Facebook Post, It Has been finalized that he is my child father, But He hasnt told her yet, So she calls me i believe to get information He does acknowledge the child him& her have together but, im trying to stay as calm as possible when talking to her because we both know we envy each other but yet play it cool for the sake of the children my daughter doesnt knw she has another sister and neither does half of the world.(family members) i want the children to bond but i dont want the girlfriend to bond in things my daughter& her father might do between each other as father & daughter. i just want the girlfriend to focus on her and her child instead of me and my child with her father. he is still currently locked up

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You don't have to answer her phone calls and you can block her on facebook. If she also has a child with your ex, at some point you all will need to learn to get along so that the children can have a relationship with their sibling.

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I agree that you can ignore her phone calls and block her on the Internet and FB. However, you can also consult with a local attorney who will tell you, based on the complete set of facts, about other options. Is there a court order? If there is, you will want to modify it to exclude the girlfriend and prevent her from contacting you. You would be well-advised to contact a local family lawyer who can help you with this situation. Best of luck!

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I agree with the answers of both counsel

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If you block her from facebook, she will not be able to read your comments or postings, or see your photos.

The two children have an interest in both enjoying a relationship with their father and with their half-siblings. Until the father is out of jail, it is probably best to avoid contact. When he is out, the three of you should work out a co-parenting arrangement, so that it is clear when the children will each visit with their father, when such visits will overlap, etc. Having a totally separate relationship from the other mother and the half-sister is not practicable. Do you really want your daughter to only see her dad every other Christmas, or only for half a day on Christmas? Will she really want to not be invited to her sister's birthday party, and to not have her sister at her own birthday?

The family court may offer mediation services that will be useful to the three of you. Mediators are neutral, and usually know what arrangements have worked in the past for other families.